September Meeting Minutes

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Minutes of the Green Dolphins Meeting September 1, 2009
In attendance: Marne Treves, Palamy Duongsitthi, Jolie Berman, Jasmine Jaffe, Caroline DeVita, Mary Kay Holmes, Cerentha Harris, Annie Barnes

1. Updates
– Compostable, reusable & recyclable serviceware (cups, plates etc) for Fabulous Fridays:
Jasmine briefed us on the plan for service and tableware this year. She purchased 12 reusable tablecloths, and 1000 corn based cups and is working on an order for sugar cane based and paper materials for the rest. She is making every effort to make these monthly events as eco as possible. One suggestion was to give a reusable plate & utensil set to teachers for Teacher Appreciation in May 2010. The amount of time and water needed to wash 125 reusable sets is a concern. Seems like the best approach for this year is to use paper plates, corn cups and sugar cane utensils (which will have their own “sudsy bucket” to be washed and reused) There was considerable interest in having food composting at school. Annie will follow up with Ms Weinstock and research Atlas Food Composting.
– We have a logo thanks to Ann Moores (see above!)
– Zero Waste Lunch Flyer in Welcome Packet
– Green Dolphins Table at Kinder Picnic – 17 new parents signed up to receive emails
– The Rain Barrel application was submitted thanks to Bryan Gordon
– blog is up and going thanks to Cerentha – be sure to check it out
recommendations for getting people to the blog:
• promote blog via facebook and twitter – Cerentha will create the needed accounts.
• work with teachers & Mr A to have students post their ideas on the blog, realizing that some parents request their students not go on the web at all at school.
• Include blog address with other Green Dolphins news and tips in the PTA monthly newsletter

2. SubCommittees –
• Reduce & Recycling Task Force – This person or group will organize volunteers to train students during beginning of the year lunches and monitor bins at the Big Boo and other on-site events so that all waste gets put in the right place.
Jasmine, Cerentha and Annie will be “Trash and Recycling Monitors” teaching students about the recycling system during lunches in the first week of school. We will ask for volunteers to help with this on a monthly basis, and talk to CJ, Marlin and Tammy about working with the 4th & 5th grade cafeteria assistants.

• eCycle Event Committee – This person or group will coordinate an electronics recycling drive at the school, working with or similar organization.

• Community Day Liaisons – This person or group will work with George Hayashibara, David Kent and the Community Day committee to spearhead green projects (possibly cfl light bulb replacement?) Cerentha has contacted the parent involved who has asked for a detailed list of what we need – we will provide that over the next week or so.

• Edible Schoolyard Team – This person or group will review the current school based gardening and explore the possibilities of growing more food on campus. Also the MVSEG Landscape Committee is open and from the website sounds like there might be some $ – any ideas?

• Earth Day/Earth Month Committee – This person or group will find ways to seize this teachable moment in April 2010. Cerentha interested in working on this… Caroline is too

• Coastal Cleanup Day – the next CCD is Saturday September 19th – let’s spread the word at Mar Vista and invite families to show up and pick up.

3. Future Meeting Schedule
We will have monthly meetings during the school year to review progress and coordinate efforts on the first Thursday of the month as follows:

Thursday October 1st
Thursday November 5th
Thursday December 3rd
Thursday January 7th or 14th
Thursday February 4th
Thursday March 4th
Thursday April 8th (after spring break)
Thursday May 6th
Thursday June 3rd

4. Other Items
Any interest in creating “Low Waste” Party Tips for class parties? We can post these to the blog. Some pizza places use box liners, which makes them easier to recycle – let’s all keep our ears open for which ones they are.

Ideas for working with the teachers? Teachers would be interested in possible speakers who could make classroom presentations to students. There is also funds available for 3 assemblies per year

Do we want a Facebook Page? CH to set up

Anyone interested in a “Waste Tour” of the school?
We will research the trash systems currently in place

Demo Zero Waste Lunches on MVCC Green Committee Booth on Sunday Oct 18 8:30am-2pm, Mar Vista Farmers’ Market
Anyone interested in being at the booth for part of that time? Annie will be there. Cerentha will be there for part of the time. Anyone else?

PTA Green website to check out

Jolie Berman would like to implement Croc recycling

We will have an onsite meeting on Sept 21, following the Monday Morning Assembly.

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