Lunch ladies


Annie and I did lunch today…no, not at a fancy restaurant. We were the Zero Trash Hero spotters at school. It was really heartening to see how many kids bring reusable lunch bags, food containers and drink bottles. Very impressive. We gave out lots of Zero Trash Hero tickets. We’ll be announcing the prizes very soon (if anyone has great ideas for prizes let us know!)

I will be back at the school on Tuesday and we’re looking for one  more volunteer. Annie will be there next week too (on Wednesday or Friday). We need help from noon to 1pm. It’s very easy – you wander around, spot ‘green’ lunches (like the one above), give the kids a ticket (which goes straight into the box) and a sticker. Also as they file out of the lunch room we help them put their trash in the right bins (below is the blue bin full of clean cafeteria trays). That’s it. If you go to the ABOUT page you’ll find our emails – or leave a comment here and we will get back to you asap.




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2 Responses to Lunch ladies

  1. Cora says:

    That is a very cool lunch container, where can I get one like it?

  2. Here’s a very wallet friendly and ‘green’ way to pack yummy meals to go: Check out our brand new EasyLunchbox System – the most affordable and fast way to pack a lunchbox. Compartmentalized containers and carrying bags that are great for school or work! Sandwiches fit perfectly, and there are only two pieces to the 3-sectioned container which can hold a wide variety of foods – an easy way to Bento! No more lost or mismatched pieces. Fits inside a roomy, lead free cooler bag that can also hold an ice block, drink, whole fruit and more.
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