Lunch inspiration


Proud of your kid’s lunch? We all need a little inspiration when it comes to making healthy lunches for our kids. I’m already scratching for ideas and it’s only week 5! Green Dolphins is asking all Mar Vista families to take photos of their lunches and share them with the school. Email them to me (cerenthaATmacDOTcom) and I will post them on the blog.

To get things started we’ve got a lunch from Annie VandenHeuvel. It looks delicious and very healthy (pic above and below)

” My name is Annie VandenHeuvel and I am a parent at Mar Vista Elementary school. Our family is vegan (with no processed foods). Lunch and snack sample for includes: Garbanzo beans and sea salt – high in protein. Brown rice with dill and nutritional yeast – vitamin B’s and high in fiber plant base. Apple – iron and fiber. Roasted peanuts – high in fiber and protein. Celery – green veggie.  Below is seaweed for snack like chips, almonds soaked in water, a nectarine, avocado with sea salt – rich in omega 3, organic corn and peas with a little flax oil, sprouted tortillas and roasted flax seeds – fiber and omega 3.”



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