Recycling – those blue bins


Ever wondered what exactly goes into those blue recycling bins? Annie contacted LA’s Dept of Sanitation for the guidelines – here they are.

What goes in the blue recycling bins?

  • All Clean paper (i.e., computer paper, homework paper, notebook paper, white and colored paper, copier paper, construction paper, sticky notes, ads and junk mail, catalogs, flyers, envelopes, letters, newspaper, magazines, phone books, etc.)
  • All Clean Plastic (i.e., bottles, containers, plastic dinnerware, plastic bags, etc.)
  • Clean Metal (i.e., aluminum cans, bi-metal, metal hangers, soup cans, copper wiring, etc.)
  • All Clean Glass (i.e., bottles, containers, jugs, jars, vases, bowls, etc.)
  • All Clean Cardboard and chipboard (i.e., file boxes, cereal boxes, food boxes, storage boxes, shoes boxes, etc.)
  • All Clean Styrofoam (Styrofoam plates, cups and trays, packing materials, foam, etc.)
  • All materials must be broken down to fit in the bins.
  • Please avoid contamination (No food, oil, human waste, oily or dirty paper, etc.)

What goes in the green composting bins?

  • Yard Trimmings (Grass, trees, flowers, shrubs, roots, bark, etc.)
  • Organic Food (Orange Peels, Banana Peels, seeds, rinds, fruit cores and pits)
  • Wood (Must be untreated: no paint, varnish or chemical finish, no nails or screws)
  • All materials must be broken down to fit in the bins.
  • Please avoid contamination (No pet droppings, no weeds, no paper, no meat)

What requires bulky item pick service?

  • Furniture (Chairs, Tables, Cushions, Beds, Mattresses, cribs, play pens, BBQs)

What needs to be delivered to a S.A.F.E Center

  • Chemical Waste (Motor oil, Transmission fluid, lubricants, paint, paint thinner, etc.)
  • Medical Waste (Syringes, Old Medicine)
  • Universal Waste (i.e., batteries, cell phones, computer monitor, televisions, microwaves, speakers, radios, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, lamps etc.)

What can be deposited in a Planet Aid Container?

  • Clothes and Shoes (Shirts, pants, shoes, socks, jackets, shorts, skirts, etc.)

Specific Materials Collections.

  • Tires – County of Los Angeles Public Works, Waste Tire Collection Sites
  • Carpet– Los Angeles Fiber -1(800) 522-5252
  • Beds, Mattresses, Couches, Sofas – Sleep Perfect Mattress (323) 777-5103

What does NOT belong in the Blue or Green recycling bins?

  • NO Milk or Juice Cartons (Any containers that are lined with wax)
  • NO Construction Materials (bricks, dry wall, cement, tile, rocks, dirt)
  • NO Bio Waste (Dirty diapers, animal droppings)
  • NO Mechanical Waste (Auto parts, bicycles, strollers)

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I am a journalist who blogs about design and architecture. I'm Australian. I live in Los Angeles. I've got two kids, a husband and a house on a hill.
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