October minutes


Green Dolphins Agenda October 1, 2009

Attended by: Jasmine & Matthew Jaffe, Cerentha Harris, Pauline Tso (thanks for the delicious cumquat jam!!), Mary Kay Holmes, Caroline DeVita, Annie Barnes & Irene Valverde

I.  Updates & Discussion Items

  1. We’ve kicked off the Zero Trash Hero lunch program, with donations from Robek’s & Whole Foods thanks to Jasmine Jaffe and Universal Studios thanks to Scott Parkin.  We have 2 spotters at lunch every Tuesday (Cerentha & Kim) and 2 spotters alternating Wed & Thurs (Annie & Jasmine Wed, Annie & Caroline Thurs)

  1. Cerentha & Bryan will help Harriet set up the recycling system at the Big Boo.  We might get SMC students to serve as volunteer trash monitors that day.

  1. Elizabeth Herold & Jenny Cooney will be heading up the ewaste recycling event, and will meet Monday Oct 12 after the assembly.

  1. Irene shared some sample reusable water bottle products for possible sale on campus.

  1. EcoUsable bottles will be at the Bootique

  1. MV parent and MVCC Chair Albert Olson encouraged us to apply for Community Improvement Grants – Cerentha volunteered to research what other grants MVES might be submitting.  We will be researching the funds needed to set up a small composting system at school and apply accordingly.

  1. Cerentha and Annie volunteered to survey the teachers about their green needs & interests

2.  SubCommittees – we’re still looking for people interested in the following areas:

•  Community Day Liaisons – This person or group will work with George Hayashibara, David Kent and the Community Day committee to spearhead green projects (possibly cfl light bulb replacement?)

•  Edible Schoolyard Team – This person or group will review the current school based gardening and explore the possibilities of growing more food on campus.  Also the MVSEG Landscape Committee is open and from the website sounds like there might be some $ – any ideas?

•  Earth Day/Earth Month Committee – This person or group will find ways to seize this teachable moment in April 2010.

•  Mar Vista Branded Reusable Bottles & Containers

3.  Future Meeting Schedule

Thursday November 5th

Thursday December 3rd

Thursday January 7th or 14th

Thursday February 4th

Thursday March 4th

Thursday April 8th (after spring break)

Thursday May 6th

Thursday June 3rd

4.  Other Items

– In lieu of hosting a Big Boo booth, many committee members were interested in incorporating Zero Waste Lunches into their costume – email Annie at acmags@mac.com for further details.

– Pauline is interested in sharing backyard fruit, blue jean recycling and creative tee shirt reuse.

These links might help:




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