November Meeting Minutes

Green Dolphins Agenda November 5, 2009
Attended by: Scott Parkin, Jasmine Jaffe, Caroline DeVita, Irene Valverde, Cerentha Harris, Annie Barnes

I. Updates
• We’ve concluded the Zero Trash Hero Contest with over 200 students “caught being green!!” – our next student incentive program “the Magnificent Seven” will have 7 steps to being green with a medallion as a reward for completion. Scott Parkin agreed to head this up – yay!!
• Big Boo bottle and can recycling went really well this year, and we contracted with Athens Service to collect food waste, sorted thanks to the Santa Monica college volunteers
• Check out the new banner at Granville & Federal– thanks to Jasmine & Ann Moores
• New Green Dolphin Bulletin Board was put up on November 12, with lots of little hands helping 🙂
• Thanks to the great work that went into the Costume Swap, we now have a bit of a budget – we will continue the program with a Holiday Finery Rack where gently used clothes are donated to the school and sold for $5 per piece.

II. Priority Items
• eWaste Recycling Event Fri Nov 20 7:30-9am & Sat Nov 21 11-2pm
We are signing up volunteers to help with ewaste valet
We need to get the word out – please talk it up!
• Sheri Powell-Wolff has contributed her plant expertise and design skill to a plan for revamping the garden at the corner of Federal and Stoner – come help on Saturday!!
2) Teachers want information about Zero Waste Lunches – we are assembling info for a poster to put in each classroom

III. Additional Items
1. Eco-Readers Program – similar to Mystery Readers, 4 or 5 books already in library and others now on our Green Dolphins Wish List for parents to donate to the library. We will email all kinder, 1st & 2nd parents to let them know.
2. Teacher Survey Results & Next Steps – Jasmine will coordinate with Ocean View Farms for field trips from the school
3. Ballona Creek replanting – The Ballona Institute is planting 10,00 coastal marsh plants in Nov & Dec – great group activity and/or field trip. They are doing it every Sat, Sun & Mon 9am-12noon & 1:30-4:30pm – possible field trip for 3rd grade?
4. We will have weekly giveaways on the blog of eco-friendly items, starting this week.

we’re still looking for people interested in the following areas:

• Cash for Collecting – Interest in bottle & can recycling? Clover School earns big bucks every year, also TerraCycle has a juice pouch recycling program – see for details

• Mar Vista Branded Reusable Bottles & Containers

Future Meeting Schedule
We will have monthly meetings during the school year to review progress and coordinate efforts on the first Thursday of the month as follows:

Thursday December 3rd
Thursday January 7th or 14th
Thursday February 4th
Thursday March 4th
Thursday April 8th (after spring break)
Thursday May 6th
Thursday June 3rd

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