FLORA IDENTIFICATION for 5 for the Planet

OK! Happy Earth Month Mar Vista. Here are lots of plants and their names to help your with you 5 for the Planet pledge. Let us know if there are any we’ve missed.

Thank you so much to Sheri Powell-Wolff, Scott Parkin and Deborah Poppink Hirshland for helping us photograph and identify all these plants. Each one appears on our campus (the label for each plant appears below the picture).

Chinese elm Ulmus parvifolia (above)

CAJEPUT TREE Melaleuca quinquenervia (above)

Raphiolepis indica

Pelargonium (pink flwers) mixed with Star Jasmine
Salvia leucantha ‘Santa Barbara’
Cistus pupureus
Mimulus hybrid (above)
Adromischus maximus
Verbena x De La Mina
Ginko biloba
Callistemon viminalis

Erigeron karvinskianus (above)
Chinese Elm (Ulmus Parvifolia)
Crepe Myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica)
Chinese flame Tree
Brisbane Box (Tristania Conferta)
Purple Orchid Tree (Bauhinia Varigata)
Australian Willow (Geisera Parviflora)


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