Which is Greener: A Traditional Book or an E-Reader?

I love the look of this graphic but still found the stats a bit confusing. So I dug a bit deeper. Check out The Washington Post’s Green Lantern columnist Brian Palmer. He weighs in on the subject saying “Environmental analysis can be an endless balancing of this vs. that. Do you care more about conserving water or avoiding toxic chemical usage? Minimizing carbon dioxide emissions or radioactive nuclear waste? But today the Lantern has good news: There will be no Sophie’s Choice when it comes to e-books. As long as you consume a healthy number of titles, you read at a normal pace and you don’t trade in your gadget every year, perusing electronically will lighten your environmental impact.”

Graphic above via GOOD.


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I am a journalist who blogs about design and architecture. I'm Australian. I live in Los Angeles. I've got two kids, a husband and a house on a hill.
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