Zero Trash Lunch Poster Exhibit

Mar Vista parents and students – look out for info on the poster exhibition coming this Friday. Below is a copy of the flyer that will go to all the teachers and be posted outside your classrooms. We’re also going to ask room parents to get the word out via email. Good luck everyone. Green Dolphins i s really looking forward to seeing your work!!


What is a zero waste lunch? Why is it important?

Design a poster that answers these two questions and have your work displayed in the school.

Two poster-makers from each grade will also enjoy a lunch with our principal, Ms. Weinstock.

Make it easy to read.

Make sure it’s accurate.

Make it eye-catching – use paint, pens, collage – whatever you like!

And, please no names on the front of your poster. We’ll be judging them name-blind.

Please collect your blank poster paper from the front office.

Posters due: Friday, October 8.

Please return to poster box in front office.

All the posters will be exhibited until Saturday, October 30th

in the school halls.

A panel made up of parents and teachers will also choose two awards per grade level. We’ll announce these at the Big Boo and those award-winning posters will be hung in the cafeteria. Plus those students will get lunch with our principal, Ms Weinstock. We’ll also be offering to print copies of the posters for the teachers to display in their classrooms.

How do you pack a zero waste lunch?

Try a reusable insulated lunch box instead of a plastic bag or paper bag.

2. Pack a sandwich in a reusable container. There are lots of choices here from a simple Tupperware to a reusable sandwich bag from Wrap-N-Mat or Re-snack-it.

Try a reusable bottle instead of a juice box.

4. Add a cloth napkin and a reusable spoon and there will be nothing to throw away!

Why is it important?

Trash doesn’t go away – it sits around in landfills, sometimes for a very long time. Imagine this: that Ziploc bag in your lunch box will still be here in 450 years – that’s year 2460!

How long does it take to decompose in a landfill? Feel free to do your own research here. This is what we found out…

*banana – 3 to 4weeks to decay

*paper bag – 1 month

*cotton rag – 5 months

*tin can (soup or vegetable can) – 80 to 100 years

*aluminum can (soda pop can) – 200 to 500 years

*plastic – 450 years

*Styrofoam cup – unknown.

Source: Talking Trash in Tucson

Get inspired, check out these poster contests:

1. TED Oil Spill poster contest:

2. UNESCO Language Matters poster competition:

Questions? Contact Cerentha at or Annie Barnes at


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